My Journey to Jordan

Andi in Jordanian regalia.

You could say my journey to Jordan started when I was seven years old, as a Girl Scout Brownie. Each troop in the district represented a different nation at the Southern California international fair, and my troop chose Jordan. After that fair, I knew I wanted to visit Jordan someday.

Flash-forward fourteen years to a small Middle Eastern café in Kansas City, Missouri, where I’m a college student. Fruity Egyptian hookah smoke curled in the air and soft Arabic music played overhead. I thought this café would be the perfect place to tell my friend I was planning a trip to Amman.

You could almost hear the record scratch as she did a double-take.

“But… why?” she said.

Continue reading this post at the America’s Unofficial Ambassadors blog.

This trip sponsored by America’s Unofficial Ambassadors and United Planet.


About Andi Enns

Andi is a student in the Degree with Honors Program at Park University, studying Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism. She is seeking a graduate program in public health communication, and hopes to work on international health campaigns in the future. She loves coffee, world travel, and knitting. Read more about her at
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