Landmine Survivors Make New Life

My first radio journalism piece ever. I went out with a team in Gulu, Uganda with the goal of doing a developmental journalism piece. See the photos below as a supplement to the piece.

If you can’t see the audio player, please click here.

Irene Laker standing in the doorway of the training salon

Irene Laker and other landmine explosion victims are training as stylists in this nonprofit salon.

Your thoughts (positive or negative) about this piece are welcome and encouraged so I can improve my future journalism.


About Andi Enns

Andi is a student in the Degree with Honors Program at Park University, studying Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism. She is seeking a graduate program in public health communication, and hopes to work on international health campaigns in the future. She loves coffee, world travel, and knitting. Read more about her at
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6 Responses to Landmine Survivors Make New Life

  1. Debbie Wilson says:

    Good Job, Andi!! Way to go girl 🙂 So proud of you…love u

  2. Shani Enns says:

    Wow! You sounded just like on the news!

  3. Andi Enns says:

    this is excellent work, particularly considering this is your first radio story of this kind. congrats!

  4. Andi Enns says:

    no, actually the comment above is from steven youngblood, her professor.

  5. Barbara Youngblood says:

    Great job on this piece… Very professional… I am sure Professor Youngblood is very proud of you… and take it from one who knows he is a tough audience….
    Keep up the great work and keep the idea alive… I am sure being in Uganda has touched your life in many ways…. Now take that experience and share it with the world….

  6. Jeremy Everts says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to hear your story, as well as the stories of Irene and others from Uganda. A very professional piece of journalism!

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