Going to Fort Portal

Today we walked down to Ciao Bella restaurant for lunch. Keith and I shared a veggie pizza. It was quite delicious.

After that, we spent pretty much all day on the road. We were joined by Steve’s assistants, Gloria and Jackie. They seem like nice women.

The drive to Fort Portal was only supposed to take about 4 hours. Because of road construction and traffic jams, it ended up taking nearly 9 hours.

Roads here in Uganda are really different than American roads. Here, you’re lucky if it’s paved at all. Whether it’s tarmac or dirt, there are potholes the size of craters everywhere. As if dodging those wasn’t enough to scare a passenger, add crazy pedestrians running everywhere, no speed limits, and insane boda-bodas. Oh, boda-bodas. These are motorcycles that carry paying passengers all over the country. They have no regard for lanes, safe speed, looking into traffic first, or even going the right way on the road. I had heard these descriptions before arriving, but I didn’t really understand the sheer terror you experience as even the safest of Ugandan drivers narrowly avoid killing a dozen boda-boda drivers per minute.  

We stopped at a Ugandan rest stop around dusk. There were people absolutely everywhere, selling all sorts of hot foods on trays. Many were selling meat kabobs. One asked Jackie to marry him, even though he was only a young teenager. I bought a pineapple soda, which was excellent, and Jackie shared grilled plantains with me. Plantains look like bananas but taste like sweet squash. Plantain is a staple food here; it grows wild or you can buy about a million of them for mere shillings.

Now I’m at the Cornerstone Hotel in Fort Portal. I have my own room! I pulled down the lacy mosquito net and now I’m quite happy.

The final game of the World Cup is on tonight, Spain versus Holland. It’s 0-0 right now and the game is nearly over. Looks like it’ll go into overtime. Steve and Keith are rooting for Spain because the “psychic octopus” says Holland will win. Steve says he hopes somebody eats the octopus if Spain wins.


About Andi Enns

Andi is a student in the Degree with Honors Program at Park University, studying Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism. She is seeking a graduate program in public health communication, and hopes to work on international health campaigns in the future. She loves coffee, world travel, and knitting. Read more about her at http://www.AndiEnns.com.
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One Response to Going to Fort Portal

  1. Teresa Merau says:

    Actually, the Octopus predicted Spain, and he was right every prediction. Pure coincidence, imo. 😉

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